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Interview Questions & Techniques
by Yasmin Laher - Tuesday, 29 November 2016, 8:49 AM


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Reading Ahead
by Yasmin Laher - Friday, 18 November 2016, 9:17 AM

Be issued with a diary and read six books between now and June, review the books and get small incentives as you progress.  All those who complete the diaries are entered into a prize draw - last years’ winner received a tablet!  Competitions are run at the same time, the first one is guess the emoji book title. 

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The Skills Show
by Yasmin Laher - Thursday, 10 November 2016, 11:32 AM

Click the document attached for the consent form

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Choose your spring enrichment
by Yasmin Laher - Tuesday, 8 November 2016, 11:48 AM

Spring enrichments are to be chosen from Monday 7th November - Friday 11th November from the HUB.

Click below for the full list and more details.

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ICT Work Experience
by Yasmin Laher - Friday, 4 November 2016, 3:51 PM