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A-Level Language exams

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A-Level Language exams
by Yasmin Laher - Wednesday, 10 October 2018, 9:48 AM


We have the option available to sit some A-Level language exams available to native language speakers.

The main reason for students to do this is to achieve a further qualification and UCAS points for University entrance.

There are a limited number of subjects that it is possible to do (see below).

This option will be available to students studying ADVANCED/LEVEL 3 QUALIFICATIONS ONLY. If you are not studying at Level 3 you will need to progress here at WQE before you can take up this opportunity.

You MUST have a GCSE grade at A*-B in the language you wish to take OR have a language qualification from a school in that country e.g. Italy.

You must also be a ‘good’ student e.g. high attendance and be making good progress in your current courses.

You will be required to pay the full cost of the exams and an administration fee to cover invigilators and speaking/listening experts where needed. The bursary can be used to help toward these if you receive it.

 Languages available are:

·         Arabic

·         Bengali

·         Gujarati

·         Italian

·         Persian

·         Polish

·         Portuguese

·         Turkish

·         French

·         German

·         Spanish.

 Please obtain a sign up sheet from the hub to register your interest.