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Adding your Miplace site

After downloading the app you are prompted to enter the address of your Miplace site and your username and password.

Site URL: http://miplace.regent-college.ac.uk/

login with miplace username and password.


Functionalities (tasks) are displayed with icons on the home page of the app.



This functionality allows you to select or capture an image, sound recording or video from your mobile device and quickly post it directly to your "Private files" area in Miplace. If you are offline, the file is saved and can be uploaded later when you are online.

Once the files are on Miplace, they are then easily accessible whenever you need to insert an image into a forum post, post an assignment or anything else that uses files.



This feature allows you to see all the courses you are enrolled in, and to browse the contact information for all the users in those courses.

  1. You can see photos and descriptions of all people (according to your capabilities and privacy settings etc)
  2. If they have phone numbers defined, you can call them or send an SMS with a single click.
  3. If they have email addresses you can send them an email.
  4. If Miplace messaging is enabled you can also send a private message.
  5. If notes are enabled and you have the appropriate capability you can add a private note about someone


The web icon enables you to access the web version of your Miplace site.


The help icon provides access to the Miplace documentation.

Download resources

New feature
in Miplace 
A new button 'Contents' enables all resources in a course to be downloaded for offline viewing.

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